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  • Why Rent - IShort Term interim projects that require specific systems and components for special projects, training, product evaluations, workload fluctuations and trade show representation.
  • Data Center Moves – consolidating or changing data requires equipment to be taken down during a transition. Parallel Technology can supply identical system configurations for data center projects eliminating downtime.
  • Proof of Concept – In some situations an analysis of your requirements might not accomplish all of its goals. By renting the equipment you can accrue payments towards purchase or return the equipment after use limiting your exposure of capital outlay. 
  • Performance Testing – In many situations your equipment is scalable and you might want to consider computer rentals for upgrades or systems replacement.
  • Technology Obsolescence – Technology has become progressively more obsolete than ever due to constant innovation and competition. Renting takes away the worry that you might get caught with out of date equipment or equipment that does not fit your needs down the road.
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23510 Telo #7
Torrance, Ca. 90505
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