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Parallel Technology
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What you can expect

You get Same Day Shipping

Onsite 4 Million dollar inventory means you get what you want for 40-70% off list price.

Buy with confidence with a one year warranty on all your equipment.

Overnight part replacement keeps your organization up and running.

Our Mission

Is to provide mission critical components and systems to our customers in a time frame perceived as unreasonable by most resellers.

We place the customers need above our own, this may sound familiar but at Parallel Technology it is more than that to us. We have on many occasions gone out to another supplier and paid in excess of our selling price to meet our delivery commitment, this is a serious commitment we make to our customers.

We carry an extensive inventory ranging from small components such as memory and controller cards to entire raid arrays and multiprocessor servers. We also maintain relationships and strategic alliances with other resellers in order to increase our immediate product offerings.

Remaining flexible is the other driving force behind Parallel Technology’s on going commitment. We recognize that in order to achieve such fast response times we must not limit ourselves to too many policies and procedures but be willing to think outside the box and make the customer not internal policies our primary goal.
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